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UK Lux Award Winners & External Invest NI energy consultancy.​ Turnkey projects. Guaranteed savings.

Emergency Lighting

BSI Certified & BAFE Listed.​ Design, Install & Certification Service for Insurance & Legal Compliance​.


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Our Story

We’ve built trust in this industry by doing the right things for our customers. Professional LED lighting design and full turn-key led lighting projects with a BSI certified emergency lighting solution is what we’re all about. We’re involved with respected industry organisations such as CIBSE and the Society of Light and Lighting. Our suppliers are the best in the business and being independent means we always use what’s best for our customer, rather than favour a particular supplier. In recognition of our work, Resourceable won the prestigious Lux Award for Industrial Lighting Project of the year for our lighting upgrade at Pritchitts, part of the Lakeland Dairies Group.

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Cut Costs - Boost Profits

Lighting doesn’t just allow us to see better; it can enhance our environment, our mood and even maximise our performance.

By involving an experienced lighting designer, you will reap the benefits for years to come.

It’s a fact that we have enhanced workspaces and improved productivity whilst also reducing operational lighting costs by as much as 80% for some customers. It’s also a fact that if you get lighting wrong it can create an unpleasant environment resulting in symptoms like eyestrain, migraine and headaches, creating irritable and poorly performing employees.

Poor lighting at work can create a significant cost to business due to:

  • time off work as a result of accidents and injuries
  • increased absenteeism
  • reduced staff efficiency and productivity.


Because you have a legal obligation to provide a safe place of work with adequate lighting. Adequate lighting can only be proven by compliance with the BS5266-1:2016 or IS3217 standards with certification from a certified emergency lighting design engineer.

Have you got Emergency Lighting Certificates H, I or K including a design with documented emergency lux levels? If so you’re on the right track, if not you need to quickly address that.

ABSOLUTELY.​ Legislation imposes a duty on persons, including employers and other persons with control of premises, to ensure as far as reasonably practicable the safety of the occupants.

A BSI certified emergency lighting compliance service. We provide documentation for your insurers and for your Health & Safety records, but most importantly we provide Safety & Peace of Mind.

It may seem extreme but there is a real possibility of Accidents & Death.

For you or your company:

  • Imprisonment
  • Fines
  • Litigation
  • Claims
  • Detrimental Publicity
  • Government Inspections
  • Insurance Difficulties

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