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What’s all the fuss about LED lighting?

Feb 5

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05/02/2015 17:13  RssIcon

I've changed my kitchen lights to LED; the old 50W down-lights are gone and the new 5W LED units are in. So far so good, I haven’t got that horrible grey hue that sometimes comes with LED and I’m sure the electric bill will be a tad less than usual. Is it time therefore to start supplying our customers with LED for all of their industrial projects? After all if I can save some money with a few LEDs around the house, then surely our industrial customers can use LED to save on a much bigger scale. The answer: well yes…..and no. (We will cover this in depth in a future article where we will go through the pros and cons)

Let’s put it his way. Are you fed up with claims and counter claims for LED. Typical of some comments, I was actually told by a company employee that his friend was now supplying lighting and that his 40W LED could replace the 400W Metal Halides in a factory of about 8M height. I didn't go there!

Shoot Out:

LED can be a great choice in the right circumstances. Here are some design pictures that show just how good our latest LED fittings are. It’s a mock up room of 20Mx10Mx5M high using 20 x light fittings. Bear in mind that a reduction in wattage has an equivalent effect on the lighting bill charges. I was impressed, so impressed that we have just used these LED fittings in a high profile project that will be appearing soon on our website; 

look out for it…..