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Jan 19

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19/01/2015 17:24  RssIcon

Cutting out the ‘middleman’ sounds like a way to get a better deal on products, after all you just need to enter the part number into Google and up pops a list of prices. Pick the cheapest and you’re done. Well pick the cheapest and you may well be done.

What benefit is there in having Resourceable supply your industrial IT? Let’s take a real life example. One of our customers asked for a solution to his requirement for a small touch screen computer. Checking on Google gives us a huge choice, from the big store that supplies pcs and washing machines to p.c. manufacturers in the Far East. Where would you start?

As a distributor, emailing customers for their specific requirements can save time but there are occasions when you simply need to be at the sharp end. Upon visiting site it was clear that a slim line display and an embedded pc would be a much more elegant solution. On that one visit we nailed down the memory requirements, operating system, hard disk space, power requirements, IP rating, touch technology, mounting method and lead time requirements. 

All went smoothly and the solution was perfect. When the customer called to say he had received the wrong mounting bezel it turned out that he had used the measurements from a different bezel data sheet to make the cut-out. Resourceable immediately shipped two suitable bezels which arrived on site within a few days along with a clarification of bezel part number and bezel dimensions. 

Result: Customer happy.

Sometimes the small things will trip you up. It’s our job to respond instantly to customer issues and provide a seamless solution and service. We act as agents/ distributors and with that comes the responsibility of ensuring that there are added benefits to the customer by having us there. The benefit to the manufacturer is they have someone close to the customer. The benefit to the customer is that we are there to make sure they get what they want, on time and on budget. 

We’ll answer your calls, take some flak, liaise with manufacturers, often cover extra carriage charges, produce additional drawings, sort out couriers, answer customer questions, visit site and do whatever is required….. That’s why having Resourceable as a distributor/agent is a good idea and a ‘win win’ for all.