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Audi LEDs and BMW Lasers

Jul 14

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14/07/2015 13:24  RssIcon

We all remember when diners in a restaurant and passengers on a plane could smoke, nowadays that seems bizarre. Seems that much of which we take as normal soon becomes a little abnormal. That's why it's more and more tempting to challenge the status quo. For example, looking at the randomly positioned various LED down lighters in a prominent city hotel recently made me think that here is an area of technology ripe for change. It just seems so limiting that light must be contained in such a small unit, positioned hopefully where a designer has carefully planned, or, as is often the case, where the old lights used to be. Wouldn't it be interesting if the ceiling was lit like a huge LED ceiling tile, as a whole, with options to control areas in relation to their function by implementing mood lighting, display modes, accent lighting, theme lighting and of course safety. 

Look at what the more progressive cities are doing with their public buildings. From new shopping centres in Lausanne, Switzerland to Belfast City Hall and the Place Du Chateau in Strasbourg, it seems like everyone is enjoying the advances in technology, using it to light up their buildings and public spaces. Additionally, safety can be improved through lighting up areas where once members of the public were previously reluctant to pass through. Technology knows no bounds as LEDs make their way into carpets to inform and guide us. In emergency situations it may not be long before the carpet illuminates our safety route. 

Companies such as Audi and BMW are pushing the boundaries of vehicle lighting: Audi with their latest LED technology and more recently BMW with laser lights on the BMW i8 and M4 Concept model-600M of reach down the road is impressive. It really is an exciting time and for those of us in the lighting industry. It can be a challenge to determine what technology advances are going to benefit our customers most and it's vital to keep an open mind on which advances our customers will benefit from. Keeping abreast of technology is not only hugely important and fascinating, it really is enjoyable!