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Power Metering
  • Space Saving Design 
  • 20 meters in the space of 4 
  • 20 x 3 Phase metering channels 
  • Single Voltage Input, lower costs
  • M-Bus or Ethernet
  • 1,000 days' storage option
  • UK product, 5-Year Warranty
Turnkey Projects
  • Detailed Installation Survey
  • Power Meter Supply & Installation
  • Full Commissioning
  • Product Training
  • Flexible Install Hours
  • Satisfaction Follow Up

Power Meters & CTs UK & Ireland

We supply and install power metering which is  safe, expandable and cost-effective. We have a range of metering solutions. Our Modular Meter Solution is a metering system designed for applications where multiple meters need to be installed cost-effectively. It provides a high density system with simplified wiring and advanced features. The unit also has C-Tick, UL and CUL Listing for sales in Australia, USA and Canada.

Check out our CTs; far and away the easiest way to measure current. An internal protection device across the secondary winding of the CT limits the output to a safe low voltage - no more worries about open-circuiting CT secondary circuits and also having to buy expensive CT terminals.

Let us advise you on the best solution for measuring your power and the advantages and disadvantages of each protocol interface.