“Resourceable have a reputation for great lighting solutions and were top of our list for potential suppliers. We have extremely high standards and it was natural that we were very demanding in what we required.​ As expected they came up with the goods. We decided on a premium product; the lighting is fantastic and has given everyone and everything a lift​”

Mark O’Kane, Managing Director,
Marlbrough Engineering

Commercial LED Lighting Marlborough Engineering


Commercial LED Lighting projects are a Resourceable specialty. We have added another very satisfied customer to our long list of clients who have benefited from our lighting expertise. In this case it was Marlborough Engineering. We delivered a 70% reduction in the lighting bill and light levels now double what they were.​

The Client

Marlborough Engineering specialises in Aerospace and Precision Engineering Solutions. It is one of Northern Ireland’s fastest growing businesses and is committed to delivering exceptional levels of quality and service.

As a result of their extensive range of skills and experience, Marlborough delivers solutions into a wide range of markets. Experience gained over 30 years in business, enable Marlborough to deliver solutions into aerospace, automotive and power industries. As well as these key sectors, they have also worked with high end scientific research bodies. Marlborough’s clients include​ local ‘blue chip’ companies and a growing range of international engineering companies. ​

The Upgrade

Undoubtedly this lighting project was challenging, in terms of design. For example, the low mounting heights greatly increased the chances of glare. What’s more, the customer requested a point for point replacement, which meant that the quantity of new lights was fixed from the start. Accordingly, the design had to be perfect in balancing uniformity with increased lux levels. ​Scotts Electrical Services installed the new LED lighting. Resourceable specified the mounting heights and of course the choice of products for this very successful commercial LED Lighting upgrade.


“You can’t just throw in a high output led luminaire and tell the customer you’ve given him 400 lux. Machine operators and assemblers require low glare with task lighting in appropriate places, not a 25,000 lumen led 3M above their eye line”, explained Sean O’Kane who designed and managed the project. “Lighting plays a key role in production & well-being and Marlborough will certainly reap the rewards from this project”.​