“Resourceable carried out a professional LED lighting upgrade which has dramatically improved light levels. We have a safer, more energy efficient working environment; the project was turnkey and the results are outstanding.

Highly Recommended!”

Bill Houston,
Thompson Feeds

Our Client

Energy Efficient LED Lighting Projects are our specialty and one of our valued clients is John Thompson Feeds.  John Thompson & Sons, established in 1870, is the largest multi-species feed mill in Europe. Thompsons provide complete traceability from docks to dinner. The company participates in all assurance schemes which have been developed to help prevent major feed and food safety scares. They have carried all of this out in response to consumer, industry, and government requirements. To ensure that Thompsons remain at the forefront of technology, Resourceable Ltd. has been upgrading the lighting throughout the site. The result is a dramatic reduction in the lighting bill and carbon emissions, in addition to a startling improvement in light levels.

Project Background

Resourceable is a leader for energy efficient LED lighting in Ireland. For instance, Resourceable designs, installs and commissions full turnkey LED lighting projects. We were selected for this project based on previous LED lighting projects that we had successfully delivered for many other manufacturers. Feed mills are a harsh environment for LED lighting. Not only is the environment dusty, but vibration can also test LED lights to the point of failure. As a result this environment requires robust products with solid warranties. In addition we have learnt over time, that very low cost lights generally have a drawback which will cause issues. Above all, warranties and drivers are often the main concern. “Customers trust us to design, specify and install the optimum, premium, lighting solution and that’s exactly what we do for all of our customers,” stated Sean O’Kane of Resourceable. 

Energy Efficient LED Lighting

As a N. Ireland leader in Energy Efficient LED Lighting, our standards are high. Resourceable’s LED suppliers are well known reputable manufacturers. As a result, these are quality value for money products that will keep performing day after day. If you consider a project where you install for example 500 lights, it only takes one light to go faulty to compromise the lighting and safety. We encourage our customers to get in touch if they have any issues or failures. Our suppliers will replace faulty lights for up to three years and provide parts for a further two years. Furthermore, warranties are robust and warranties in excess of five years are available.


The old sodium lights in this area of the mill were past their best. For instance. there had been several lighting failures and the area badly needed re-lit. The installation team were meticulous with the wiring and the new cabling was extremely neat and tidy. The installation over several days necessitated the use of dust masks, gloves, overalls and hard hats. The new Energy Efficient LED Lighting was integrated with the customers timer control and the results are outstanding. Furthermore, the IP rated lights are dust proof and there have been no issues. In conclusion here’s a summary of the results not to mention that we have another happy customer!

Reduction in kWhrs:  >90,000 kWhrs/annum

Running Cost Savings:   >£10,000/annum

Reduction in Carbon:  >40 Tonnes of CO2

Project Payback: Under 1 Year

Grant Aid: Secured