Having worked with Resourceable on a number of lighting surveys and projects, I have always found them to be dependable and practical in their application and assessment of lighting upgrade costs and savings.  Their work at Belfast WwTW has delivered further energy efficiency savings for NI Water as we continue our Energy Reduce Use programme of work.

Colin Murtagh, Energy Programme Manager,
NI Water

External LED Lighting-At a Glance

LED Floodlights: Sylvania IP66 High Output

Lux Levels: 200% increase

Energy Savings: 38%

Lighting Designer: Sean O’Kane

The Client

Northern Ireland Water supplies 560 million litres of clean water per day for almost 1.8 million people. As a result it treats 320 million litres of wastewater daily.

As Northern Ireland’s single largest electricity consumer, NI Water’s goal is to fully exploit innovative approaches to energy and new technology. The goal is to reduce its carbon footprint and ultimately become carbon neutral.

The Project

NI Water identified an energy saving opportunity at their main Wastewater Treatment Works in Belfast. As a result, they tasked Resourceable together with Scotts Electrical Services to deliver a substantial energy reduction. Additionally, the client requested that light levels be substantially improved to ensure safety around the site. We carried out an extensive site survey to determine the current lighting positions and energy usage of the current lighting. Resourceable then provided several design solutions for consideration. As a result of our work we secured savings of 38% through careful selection of the optimum luminaire. We chose Sylvania LED floodlights because of their combined high output and high efficiency LED. With the safety and energy remit met, we kept light pollution to a minimum by following the International Dark-Sky Association guidelines. The installers ensured that mounting angles were strictly adhered to. This ensured a sharp cut-off light beam to eliminate upward light.

Scotts’ Project Manager commented, “Scotts Electrical Services and Resourceable are at the forefront of energy saving technologies and solutions. By combining our expertise, we were able to exceed the client’s requirements. We delivered maximum energy savings and improved site safety. Furthermore we were able to optimise the control system to deliver maximum savings.

NI Water are delighted with the outcome and improved safety”.

In conclusion, this was a highly successful project, striking a careful balance between cost, energy savings and environmental impact.