“Resourceable provided the LED lighting expertise and guided us on the technology and design. They demonstrated 4k and 5k LED panels which was key to getting the right ambiance in our office. The transformation is startling, running costs have dramatically dropped and the staff are delighted with the uplift from the new modern lighting.”

Paul McKay,
Co-founder, Logicearth

Resourceable’s LED lighting upgrade for Logicearth was hailed as a complete success by the company owners and staff alike, when the client’s vision for their office space lighting was realised on time and on budget.

Logicearth is a Belfast based company, passionate about changing the face of workplace learning. They are global leaders in the provision of high-impact, low-cost-per-head digital learning solutions.

With customers such as: Eir, Allianz, Capita, Kerry Group and many more, it’s clear that Logicearth is respected by the best in business.

They give free practical advice on problems you might be facing in the learning industry via their bi-weekly electronic, communication with helpful​ tips, news and stories to help you cut through the hype.

When Logicearth was offered an LED lighting upgrade, to replace every fluorescent with an LED panel, they contacted Resourceable to check if it was the right way to upgrade their lighting.  When we pointed out that this proposed one for one replacement would deliver 5 times as much light as required in some areas, their alarm bells went off. We provided a free lighting design for Logicearth as a guide to what was required. 

Subsequently, we were asked to deliver the project. A professional LED solution to freshen up and enhance the offices was provided. Designs and samples were also supplied. The installation was quick, fuss free and with no impact on business activity.