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The canopy lighting looks fantastic. Energy use is minimal and light spill is negligible, underpinning our environmental responsibility.

Phil Hunter, Project Engineer,

Pritchitts External Lighting

Pritchitts, part of the Lakeland Dairies Group, selected Resourceable to provide the lighting expertise for this large canopy. We extensively surveyed the canopy and modelled the structure to produce the optimum lighting design. The hi-tech lighting has been deemed a great success. With our guidance the customer chose the Kanopy LED luminaire from Dexeco. It was chosen for its low running costs and high product specification.

Resourceable designed the lighting to ensure that the lux levels are suitable for the tanker unloading activities taking place. Pritchitts external lighting is fully programmable via a hand held remote programmer. The integral sensors ensure that energy savings are maximised and running costs are minimised.